Chapter 1: The Beginning

There was a tremendous shock to us, as we found out modern day slavery still existed. Even more so when we found out that we had been swept up into that dark world, and it was not as dark as we would have thought.

Kat murmured as she slept. The snow leopardess was laid on her side, her arms laid behind her softly along with her brother,a larger snow leopard laid out in a similar pose. Rolling over, Kat stretched as she started to wake, one arm hitting the other feline in the head. Peter spluttered as he was suddenly awoken, with a glare at his sister before he started to look around.

Seeing not his bedroom, as expected, but a sparsely furnished room, he sat up suddenly, worry showing in his eyes as he leant over to shake Kat’s shoulder.

“Was just about to grab the diamond” Kat grumbled sleepily turning back over. The snow leopard always being quite … hard to wake in the best of circumstances.

“Kat. Get up … Now” Peter said firmly as he looks around, shaking her shoulder again harder this time. Finally starting to rouse, Kat looked round blearily, before quickly sitting up, noticing the same differences Peter did. Immediately fearing the worst, she looked down, checking her clothing, only to be relieved as she saw the same Black jeans, and purple blouse she was wearing before. Looking over at Peter, she took a quick glance over, her brother wearing corduroy jeans and a simple shirt.

Looking around, Peter looked for something to try and place where they were, he found nothing much, just a smallish room, in one corner there is a sink , a bench nearby to the bed they were both sleeping on. The door looked a more, sturdy door then you would usually find on a room like this, a crack of light under it revealing the room beyond is lit, as Peter looked around, the room lights started to slowly brighten, stopping when they got to a comfortable level. Moving up to the door Kat jumped back startled when, just as she got to it, a firm knock appeared at the door.

“Good Morning, are you two awake yet?” a soft female voice came from behind the door. Kat moved to the door quickly, starting to knock back happy to hear someone who could explain something.

“Hello? Who are you? Where are we?” Kat said as she tried to open the door, only to find it is locked, “Why are w-”.

“Is your brother awake too? We can’t come in until you are both awake Miss” The voice interrupted softly. Kat looked to Peter, who had since moved to behind the door, just in case, with a soft sigh, Peter decided that all staying silent will do is prolong the situation.

“Yes I am” Peter said clearly, moving to in front of the door.

“Alright, We’ll be with you shortly” The reply came quickly, as the sounds from behind the door indicate the person behind is moving away.

“Who are you? Where are we?” Kat asked quickly trying to catch the girl before she left, looking worriedly to Peter, who hugged her back warmly to try and comfort her”

“I’m sorry, I can’t answer these questions for you, please wait for just a moment” The voice paused to say before the sound of a door and more distance voices were audible. A short while passed, during which Peter tried to keep Kat comforted as he looked around for anything that would be useful, finding nothing he just tried to keep his ear close to the door to hear when they were coming back.

After not too long a wait, different footsteps approached the door, and a soft click came from it before it opened slowly, revealing a relatively tall wolf, with goldenrod coloured fur , his green shirt, and navy blue slacks offsetting the colour nicely.

“Hello Peter, Katrina” The wolf spoke in a calm, reassuring voice. Peter pulled away from the hug, shifting to stand in front of Katrina some, glaring confusedly at the wolf, knowing he had seen him sometime before.

“Aren’t you?” Kat interjected softly, the feline still showing all the signs of sleepiness as she had yet to fully wake up.

“The man who interviewed you both?” He slowly nodded in reply “Yes I am.” He smiled to the pair, causing Peter to glare sharply .

“Where are we?” Peter demanded worriedly.

“You are in a training facility” The wolf replied looking while not unconcerned at the hostility from the male snow leopard, not too worried about it either.

Kat moved closer behind Peter now, looking around the room as if only just seeing it “A training facility? Why … wha?” she muttered softly. The wolf made no attempt to move towards them, and just with a gentle smile started to reply.

“Well, I suppose you should have the choice, good news or bad news first?” He asked the pair, looking from one to the other softly.

“Is any of this news stuff we would consider good?” Peter asked irritated at the delivery.

“I have decided to employ both of you” The wolf smiled to them though he was obviously not expecting cheers at this statement. After a short moment the wolf continues “From most peoples perspective, that is the good news. The bad news, if you take it as such, is the conditions of said employment.”

“I am sorry”, Kat nervously asked, looking away, “But why would we after this? Not that we have much choice in the matter, I suspect, given the abduction and all”

The wolf sighs softly, looking unsure with a nod “That is why most people consider it the bad news. Your employment, will not exactly be as programmers, as advertised, but as slaves. Very well cared for slaves, but few people care about that part of it during the initial shock”

As the two felines tried to digest that revelation, two girls entered the room, one human, red haired girl, and one dark haired, causing a curious look from Peter. “I’d like you to meet Mina and Nera.” The wolf smiled to the two girls warmly. “They are going to help you adapt to this change in your lifestyle over the next few weeks or months, however long it takes.”

“Hello?” Kat asked gingerly looking to the pair, half hidden behind Peter, who while not outright glaring like he was with the wolf, was not looking very friendly.

“Hello, I’m Mina”, the red haired girl greeted friendly.

“I’m Nera, and it’s really nice serving Master Kharon”, The dark haired girl smiled happily to the felines.

Peter just stared blankly at the pair for a second “ … Could that introduction have sounded anymore cultish?”

“Hello?” Katrina just softly replies to the pair.

Mina smiled and walks over to Kat slowly, “You’re pretty” she softly said to the feline girl, causing her to blush slightly, with a slight smile, though an unwanted one

“Thankyou , I think” Kat replied

“Would you rather have me tell you how terrible it is?” Nera asked with a slight scowl “Because it isn’t, we get plenty of food, very nice apartments, lots of free time, and we can even choose to join on vacations or not.”

“Right”, Peter interjected “Still sounds kind of cultish either way”.

Mina looks to Peter for a second, with a slight blush “There’s nothing religious or spiritual about it, though. We aren’t required to believe anything, just to do the work asked of us.”

“To be fair, I understand where your point of view comes from Peter.” Kharon looks to him carefully

“And yet, first thing greeted with, apart from the leader of the group, is two beautiful girls, telling us how wonderful it is, that is kind of classic cult tactics right there” Peter glared to the wolf, only for his face to blush at the realization he called the two girls beautiful.

“Well, I didn’t bring them for their beauty. My slaves are all beautiful, though, because they have the means to care for their bodies that many free people lack.” The wolf smiled to the two girls again as he says this.

“I did read a book once on cult tactics” Kat softly adds to her brothers previous words, looking rather nervous about implying the large wolf is not being truthful, “And they are pretty much these tactics, whether say so or not” she looked away softly after that, not wanting to see the reaction.

Peter hugs Kat softly as the wolf shrugged in response “Think of it as you will, at this point as you said, the choice is out of your hands. The primary choice you have left, is how quickly you will adapt” The wolf’s words had Kat just hug Peter tightly back.

“By saying all, I assume you have more … slaves “Peter almost spat the word out “How many?”

Ignoring the harshness, Kharon replied “Eight, no Ten, not counting Mina and Nera”

“I see …” Peter replied, unsure what to do next at this point, the unusual situation having left him upset, worried, and annoyed, but not quite sure the safest path to take.

“As for the job duties I told you about in the original interview, of software development, and maintenance for a custom mainframe, that was no lie. I have a relative who designed the system, for which I paid her well, but she’s too busy with research projects to offer support unless there is a critical failure” The wolf smiled reassuringly to the snow leopards

Kat hesitantly asked “If one person can handle it occasionally, then you don’t need both of us, right?” This caused the wolf to laugh slightly, his face lighting up as he does, “I can see you’re a sneaky one Katrina, I’ll be working with both of you once we get home, but your credentials are both superior to mine for this work” Kat looks like she wants to clarify she wasn’t trying to get herself out, but just gave up knowing how empty that would sound.

“And where is your home then?” Peter asked curious at the suggestion of distance

“California” Kharon grinned in reply

Kat let out a soft ooh as she heard that only for her cheeks to pinken, and her ears to flatten at her own reaction, causing Peter to just roll his eyes softly, but lovingly at his sister’s reaction.

“I don’t just go out and take slaves on a whim Peter. If I did, I would have found someone much closer to home. I look for people who have the right skills and potential. “ The wolf turned to face Peter

“Right, of course” Peter replied almost dismissively at those words. Kat however, her blush increased as she looked for a place to sit, not quite relaxed, but not as alert as her brother.

“And some of that includes personality potential, thats what the interview was for. If you didn’t show the right personality traits in the interview, I wouldn’t have brought you here.” The wolf smiled, causing Peter to huff softly in response .

“Great, first interview I manage to do well, other then my schooling ones, and it leads to this.”

The wolf just continued as if Peter hadn’t interrupted “Even though you won’t get literal money, I think you’ll get a better payment overall as my slave then you would settle for in the normal workforce, and a lot of people end up feeling like slaves there anyway.”
Peter, noticing Kat, takes a seat by Kat, who softly asks “So .. What happens now?”

“I’m going to escort you to the doctor where you’ll receive a physical, and they’ll check to make sure your records are up to date, from there we’ll get you assigned to a more experienced worker here … my girls may be good slaves, but we’re only visitors here”. He explained softly.

“There are more?” Peter asked, wondering just how large this thing is

“Yes. We’re in a place called the London Labor Exchange.” Kharon said as he stepped outside the room now
“Err”, Kat suddenly interjected, looking rather worried, as she hid slightly behind Peter , “About that medical check, there may be some things, that well, may be different then what expect , well “ Kat trailed off, obviously unsure how to say what she means and looking more worried then the entire time up to now.

“Things you previous doctor didn’t have on file?” Kharon asked softly.

“You have my file? Well … no” Kat replied, inching more behind Peter slowly, looking down at her feet.

“No, I don’t, however The doctor here does, and it will be transfered to a doctor of my choice upon leaving “ Kharon replied, which has Kat look even more nervous again.

“Oh .. I see” Kat almost squeaks.

Peter twists round to hug Kat softly as he looks to Kharon. “So .. The doctors?”

“Yes, Nera? Mina?” Kharon looks to the two “, go and get the flats ready for Peter and Katrina”.

“Yes Master” Mina replied with a blush

“Alright, Master” Nera chimed in, hugging him quickly before leaving with Mina.

Kharon smiled and started to lead the pair of snow leopards out the door


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