Chapter 2: Medicals

Our first day would always be an awkward day in our memory, no part more so then the first medical examination. Like all sanctioned facilities of its type, the health of the slaves and owners was paramount, and London’s facility was second only to the newest in keeping everyone healthy.

Kharon turned onto a wider hallway, pausing as he reached a wide open space, a few dozen people milling about the area, some eating, some just sat talking, no one looking particularly unhappy.

“This is the common area, you’ll come here for meals, clothes, and any other supplies you need in your flats. You may also come here to relax during any free time during your training” Kharon explained as he walked through leading the pair behind him.

Peter followed behind, not saying much, eyes on the ground, whereas Kat was looking around curiously, making sure she saw everything there was to see.

“Ah Kharon, I’ve selected a few candidates to serve as mentors for you.” An older woman walked up to them, and looked at first Peter then Kat . “We’ll discuss them while the physicals take place. Welcome to the Exchange, dears” she smiled to the pair after speaking.

At the woman, Peter just hmphed and deliberately looked away, even as Kat shyly let out a soft “H.Hello” directed towards her.

At this the woman just looked to the both “Well at least one of you has some respect” She said as she started to walk in front with Kharon. “I am Miss Fair, the administrator of the Exchange”

“I am Ka..” Kat started to say before Peter interrupted her, slightly growling as he did so “And why should we respect people involved in basically, kidnapping and slavery?”

Kharon couldn’t help but laugh a bit at that, even as Miss Fair turned to respond “Because I’m your elder boy. You must be the older twin.” She obviously took a tiny bit more effort to smile, though it passed very quickly.

“You may be, doesn’t mean you are not doing unrespectfull things “, Peter continued, still walking behind , then pauses as he realises what said “Irregardless if that is a word or not!”

Fair just slightly shrugged at that “C’est la vie. “ And turned to Kharon, obviously dismissing that line of conversation “Since they’re twins, I actually thought we might assign my twins to serve as their mentors. Your girls are their assistants, right?”

They walked for a bit more, Kharon and Fair conversing as the snow leopard pair walked behind them, until finally Kharon stopped at a door, opening it “Here’s the clinic, Do not leave until your physical is complete, and I return, otherwise there will be trouble.” He warns softly.

Peter just stalked in, slight stomps in his step, as Kat paused to wave bye to Fair, bringing a small smile to the woman’s face.

As they walked in, Fair could be heard talking to Kharon “Not a discipline session Kharon,”

“Of course not a.” Kharon could be heard to reply before the door closing fully cut him off

Kat looked around, finding a small bog-standard looking waiting room, bland pictures on the walls, a dozen chairs scattered around, some side tables with magazines on them. At one wall was a counter, with a girl in a blue shirt sat behind, who then smiles to them gently.

“Good morning!” the girl smiled brightly to the two “May I take your names, and purpose of visit?”

Kat nervously replied, looking to the girl “Hello, my name is Kat, K..” She trailed off, looking to Peter for help.

“Kharon” Peter prompted, hugging Kat reassuringly at the same time.

Kat then continues, “Kharon said about a physical”

“Peter Swales, her last name too” he replies

The girl smiles softly, not necessarily happy, but not fake either, “Kat K? Oh you must be new Check in physicals then? “ She asks as she takes down their names.

“Nooo” Kat replied quickly, slightly embarrassedly giggling, a tiny bit “I forgot his name, I just knew it started with a K”

At that the girl turned her pencil over, quickly erasing part before rewriting “Doctor Flora is tending to a patient right now, but she’ll be with you shortly, please take a seat.”

Peter just immediately sat down, as Kat smiled to the girl “Okay thankyou”, she politely replied to the girl before sitting down by Peter who immediately poked her gently.

“And you are saying thankyou why?” He asked softly.

“To be polite, A it’s the right thing to do, and B, being nice can only help things, no matter what try and do” Kat smiled gently, and with that, picked up a magazine off the side table, smiling seeing an old copy of Popular Science, and started to read eagerly.

After about 10 minutes, both of the twins were engrossed in their magazines, only to look up slightly startled as the door opened and a woman in scrub walked out smiling to them

“Good morning, I am Doctor Flora. Which of you would like to come in first?” she asked gently.

Kat looked away nervously . “I … suppose I will” she looks away before quickly blinking, and looking back “Oh! And hello!” she smiled, still nervous, causing Peter to give his sister a warm hug.

“And you’re Kat right?” Flora asked as she lead her into the door she came in through, and into one of the exam rooms.

As she got up on the obvious exam chair, Kat replied softly “Yes I am”

“Don’t worry dear, We mostly just need to make sure everything is in order” Flora smiled reassuringly as she picked up a plain binder.

“Alright then, you know I do have your medical records, so is there anything you want to say before I open them up?” Flora asked gently, leading Kat to look away softly

“I .. Think they can explain things better then I can Miss” Kat softly, said, sounding more scared then before

With that Flora simply nodded, and opened the binder. “Please strip to your underwear Miss Swales.”

Kat blushed softly, starting nervously to strip, slowing down as she got to her underwear.

Flora noticed her reluctance, and decided to lead with a relevant question “Have you started to transition yet?”

Kat nodded gently, her nervousness decreasing as she realised that it was known “Hormones and laser Miss” she looked down as she replied, to which Flora nodded.

“And just to verify, how long have you been on hormones?”

“1 year”, Kat blushed , “ Well a year and a bit, I kinda don’t know when last took them, it depends on how long I was, asleep” She said the last bit with some trepidation.

“You mean on the way here? Less then a day “ Flora smiled reassuringly “Your entry papers do identify you as female, so I suspect that is what your master wants you as. Your transition will continue uninterrupted .. Now then “ Flora started the examination, poking and prodding at all the various places, soon after though notices Kat is still nervous . “Relax, dear. We get all kinds of people in here, keeping slaves healthy is very important. And that does include mental health”.

“Kind of hard to relax when being kidnapped and told am a slave now” Kat snapped, before looking away “Sorry for snapping, I didn’t mean to“

Flora just softly responded “I’m a slave too, dear, and I was tense when I was first brought in as well”

An awkward silence descended over the pair as Kat moved when needed for the examination, giggling slightly at ticklish parts. “It all seems good, dear. We’ve had a dozen other slaves go through part, or all of their transition in the facility since I finished my medical training. If your ID badge says you’re female, nobody in the facility will treat you otherwise.” Flora stated gently, leaving Kat looking a bit conflicted.

“I do need to run a blood test though. And I need to ask if you use any drugs or medication not prescribed for you by a doctor” Flora asked looking over at the feline.

“Only thing I had recently, was Ibuprofen, 600mg. Oh! And a multivitamin juice-pack” Kat smiled nervously, looking less conflicted, and more nervous again as soon as blood test was mentioned, her hands held together in a nervous clench.

“Alright, and what about caffeine?” Flora asked

“It makes me sleepy” Kat replied simply, still looking nervous.

“So I take it you don’t regularly use caffeine then?”

“Rarely” Kat nodded.

“Thats good. Our administrator has a strict policy about drugs, including alcohol and caffeine” Flora explained as she picked up a syringe “Will you be fine for me to take a blood sample, or should I being an assistant in?”

Kat swallowed and nods “I will be fine, I am kind of past the point where my mother had to hold me still for needles “ she grumbled gently.

Flora carefully drew blood from Kat, and smiled softly to her “Good, you seem to be in good shape, so as soon as I finish filling this in, I’ll be out for your brother. You may get dressed and join him in the waiting room now”

Kat unclenched her fists, as soon as the needle was out of sight, murmuring a soft “o.okay” as she started to quickly get dress, then dart out the room.

As soon as she left the room, Peter moved over quickly to hug her tight “You okay sis?” he asked worriedly

“Yeah” she nodded gently.

“I suppose it is me now right?” Peter asked.

“Yeah, but it isn’t that bad, but then you know I am used to doctors”.

Peter nodded at that, and walked into the room, where Flora was still writing on her notepad, the vial of blood properly labelled and waiting by another vial everything else properly disposed of.

“Hello” Peter greeted blandly looking around as he did.

“Hello. I’m not quite finished with your sister’s paperwork yet, but feel free to strip down to your underwear for the exam” Flora smiled to him distractedly.

“Is that really needed?” Peter simply sat with a grumble.

“Yes, yes it is” Flora stated as she closed the folder, picking up another one “Is there anything you’d like to tell me before I open your records?”

“How the heck would you lot even have got them?” Peter demanded annoyed.

“I don’t know all the background on it, but we get medical records when new slaves come in. I’m a slave myself”. Flora gently responded, to which Peter just grumbled at, but looked more unsure then before.

“I see you’re uncomfortable. This is a routine physical exam. Nothing invasive, just measurements”. Flora stated, to which Peter glared at her for a moment, but then with a muttered fine, started to undress.

While Peter undressed, and then stood heir uncomfortably once done, Flora opened the folder “Okay your records show you to be in fairly good health “

Peter nods to that as Flora started to take the measurements needed. “Alright then, I do need to run a blood test, too.” Flora stated as she picked up a new syringe “Do you regularly drink alcohol or use caffeine?”

Peter stepped back, eyes locked on the syringe a bit. “No I don’t, no other drugs either”

“Just so you know, “Flora responded, staying where she is for now “Our administrator is very strict about drugs, including alcohol or caffeine. Will you be okay with me drawing your blood, or should I bring in an assistant?”

Peter held his hands on the edges of the table as he replied “I .. I will be okay, just about”

Flora quickly took the blood sample and put it aside “Alright then, You’re all set, Peter. You can get dressed and go back out to your sister”

Peter quickly got changed, and rushed out after that, glad to leave what was likely only the first embarrassing situation behind.

As Flora started on the paper work for the male feline, Kat poked her head through the door, just to wave bye, leaving a bemused Flora behind when she popped back out.


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