Chapter 4: Bedtime Chats

Another one of those things you assume about slavery, is yet another thing that turned out to be wrong. Accommodation, if you think of a slave’s room, what do you think of? This certainly wasn’t that.

Kharon lead the way down the halls striding ahead at a steady place, staying relatively silent to allow chatter.

“So,” Kat asked, curiosity overriding her nervousness again, “How long have you been, well, you know?”

“A few years.” Nera said.

“We both joined his household at the same time.“ Mina smiled as she spoke.

“And how is it”, Peter asked, looking to Mina. “In a less, cultish way this time maybe?”

“It’s nice.” Mina replied. “We all live together in a very nice house, with a big open garden, there are actually enough of us that we don’t even have to do all the chores every day. So we get a lot of time to study or play, or to pursue our own interests or hobbies.”

Peter just looked with a blank stare. “Uhuh, you know it would be more believable if you had at least let one bad thing through? Unless you are trying to say no one ever argues, no drama, nothing you dislike doing ever, in which case, this is just worrying me even more.”

Nera nodded with a giggle. “Master has us work out the rotation for chores, and while we aren’t perfect or anything, we always try to talk our problems out.”

Kat interrupted with a smile “Isn’t a chore rotation what I keep trying to get you to stick to? Well… did… this is confusing”

Kharon eventually stopped by two doors, as he joined in “The kids have more intense disagreements than most of us adults do. But disagreements happen. Sometimes feelings get hurt, yes. That doesn’t mean we let it rule us, and there’s almost always somebody who can help mediate. Unless it comes to pizza toppings.” He chuckled as finished speaking.

Kat looked up at that interestedly, “Kids?”

“Yes, I have four children, and two of my slaves are working on having one of their own.”

Kat nodded to that looking down, causing Peter to move to her and give an immediate hug, as he looked up to Kharon to explain “Children can be a bittersweet subject for my sister, she loves them but… Well.. I am betting you know, if you had my medical records, you probably have hers too.”

“I don’t personally have your medical records.“ Kharon said as he opened the door, “This room will be for you and Mina, but let’s all go into the living room and talk, okay?“

Floorplan for the Slave Flats
Overview of a flat

Mina lead them into a small hallway, the kitchen area on the left, and past two doors until the hallway opens into the living room. Kat looked around nervously, though is pleased to find, instead of bare bones minimalist room or worse that she had half expected, the warm inviting looking area all around, even a big television. As they filed into the living room, taking various seats, Kharon immediately sat on the floor in front of the television.

“It seems like you have something I ought to know.” Kharon smiled as he spoke. “And, given that it’s related to your medical records, which I haven’t seen, you probably feel it’s a very big issue. I want to tell you that it’s not, but that would be easier to accept once you’ve gotten it off your chest, right?”

Nera had stopped in the kitchen to fill glasses of water for everyone. “If Master says he’s okay with it, please take him at his word.” She half shouted across the counter separating them as she finished filling, Mina helping her carry them through to the living area.

“I am very open minded and accepting,” Kharon said as he accepted a glass, “More than a lot of people I’ve met believe is possible.”

At all of this, Kat was all but hiding behind Peter again, looking around at everyone, she almost squeaked out “I’m a trans woman.”

“Is that all?” Kharon looked to her warmly. “Katrina, would you please come over to me?”

Peter held onto Kat for a second or two, but let her go. She slowly moved over to Kharon, looking very nervous.

“I have good friends who are trans,“ he said. “Still, you are my first trans slave. Katrina, in my eyes, you are a beautiful woman.” He held his hands out with a smile to her.

Kat immediately hugged against him with a red blush, before stiffening as she realised what she was doing, and pulling away quickly, though looking quite unsure of herself again.

“Also, I have the ability to use some powerful shape changing magic, so if you really want, dear, we may be able to make you biologically female, though that is a little harder than just making you physically female. I’m also a shapeshifter, and sometimes I like to have a female body.”

Hearing that, Kat sat down with a firm thump.

“I am more than willing to help you with your transition, in any way you want and I can help.“ Kharon continued, “Not because you’re my slave, though. If you want it, I can research it.”

Peter looked to Kharon, a bit more thoughtful than his previous glares.

“My other friends want a non-magical transition. I’ve offered to help them,” Kharon said. “They said that if they change their mind, they’ll let me know.”

Kat looked to Kharon nervously. “You… Say biologically, what does that mean?”

“I mean your cellular makeup would be changed to be female,” Kharon said. “However, as I recall my biology, females are generally born with their egg cells. I’m not sure I could give you your own eggs, but at the very least you could be a surrogate and carry children.”

Kat frowned at this, but still had a measure of happiness on her face about the news.

Peter spoke up: “Can you add some measurement of, if not shapeshifting magic, some variant of it, as you say you can become female, what happens to your sperm then, even if you are not fertile, it has to go somewhere, then be reformed, so magic can form sperm, at the very least, by example.” He continued, looking thoughtful, and glancing from his sister to Kharon, then back to his sister.

Kharon paused for a moment, resting his chin on his hand. “I’ve never really thought about it, since I personally have a natural gift for shapeshifting, I’ll be glad to explain more at another time, but I think it’s likely that if we can produce egg cells for Kat, it would be from sperm cells.”

Peter seemed to think for a second before responding , “That is quite likely, but depending on how far the magic goes, that would be enough, though if she had children, then could only ever be safely male, unless magic goes very far.“ At this point he suddenly grinned. “You even get her in a more female form, and I don’t care how cultish this all seems, that’s worth working at a job for quite a while.”

“I have a mentor who lives with me,“ Kharon said, “She’s got a lot more experience, and knowledge than any other magic user or researcher I’ve met and she sees herself as a muse of sorts. She’ll be able to help us figure this out. The physical side is easy for me.”

Peter nodded, looking quite disgruntled at himself for the quick outburst, “Okay, and,“ his voice suddenly dropped to barely a whisper. “Thank you.”

Through the whole exchange, Kat watched on, almost bouncing on her seat as she listened.

“I would like you to continue with your transition for now, Kat. Hormone treatments and counselling. I will help gradually transform your body, if you wish me to, until we reach a point you are satisfied with.“

“Okay! Thank you!” Kat happily responded.

Peter smiled slightly. “You know you had her worried about her gender even before that trap of an interview? “ Peter stifled back a slight chuckle. “Bad experience with them. To the point I don’t even know, right now, if this is the worst one she has had”

“By the way”, Kharon said, “The slaves who are trying to have a baby are a couple of bisexual women who are married, after they joined my household. Though, magical fertility is… Rather well studied compared to deep sex change.”

Kat nodded softly. “I can imagine, related and all, but nice.” She blushed softly as a yawn escapes from her.

“I think this is a good time to leave you with your flatmates.“ Kharon stood up as he spoke. “I’ll be going to my room for the night, but we’ll meet up for breakfast at about eight, alright?”

“I don’t suppose the alarm, has multiple alarms?” Kat asked softly “There is a reason I use my phone usually.” Kat then blinks reminded about her phone, making a point to remember to ask about that later.

Nera cheerfully said, “Don’t worry! As your alarm, I will have you out of bed in time to wash and dress, Come on! We’re in the next flat over.”

Kat got up to move over to her, looking around the flat.

“I’m not as… extremely deep a sleeper as my sister.“ Peter smiled to Mina, who simply stood up sipping her water.

“I’m sleeping in the front bedroom Peter, your room is back here” Mina pointed to the door on the right side of the living room. “The linens are on the other side, and the bathroom is between our rooms. Any questions?”

Kharon chuckled lightly. “I think Mina is a bit tired too. See you all in the morning.”

Peter nodded softly to Kharon. “Have a good night.”

Kat waved to Peter and Mina.“Night! Sleep well.” Kat said softly.

“You too,” Peter replied with a warmer smile as Kat and Nera prepared to leave.

Nera held Kat’s hand gently as they followed Kharon out, turning left when he turned right. “Our flat is mirrored from theirs, but really it’s like the exact same thing.”

Kat cooed at that with a smile. “I see”

Nera gave a smile to Kat as she opened the door “Stay in the flat tonight. Don’t want you getting lost in the halls do we? Oh, and front or back bedroom? Which do you want?”

“I am fine with either, back I suppose,“ Kat nodded “Considering I got lost one time, and turned out I was behind the building I was looking for, for the majority of time I was lost? I don’t plan on going exploring”

“Okay,“ Nera nodded, “I’m kind of a night owl, so if you need anything, don’t worry about bothering me. I’ll probably just be listening to some music in the living room for an hour or two before I get tired.”

Kat lightly chuckled. “My sleeping pattern is usually almost reversed, but I had pushed myself onto a more normal one for the interview”

“Well, we do have a schedule for lessons and work,“ Nera smiled, “So no staying up all night.”

“I kinda guessed,” Kat grumbled, more at the reminder of what was going on then the restriction.

Nera grabbed an mp3 player from the coffee table, and put headphones on. “Goodnight Kat. If there’s anything you want or need just let me know”

Kat simply smiled back “Goodnight and sleep well”

Meanwhile in the neighbouring flat, Mina and Peter were getting ready for bed also

“I would like to make sure you don’t mind seeing me naked” Mina smiled, tiredness obvious in her face, “I’ll probably be naked around here in the mornings after my bath, until my hair is dry, and I don’t want it to distract you if I can help it.”

Peter laughed softly “If you can afford me the same courtesy, sure, though with me it’s usually middle of the night bathroom visits”.

“Of course, you are cute.“ Mina grinned with a soft wink to Peter, “And if you should be in the mood, we might have some fun together, sometime when I’m less tired. Goodnight Peter, see you in the morning.”

“G.Goodnight” Peter stammered at that as he went into this room, turning a bright red as he did so.



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