Chapter 6 – Starting Off

As much things were different from what we were expecting, some things were the same. Slaves were expected to look good, though this was more for health and welfare, at least in our cases.

Peter soon finished eating, and started to collect all his stuff onto tray “Soo .. What happens now? “ He asked with slight trepidation.


“Obedience training” Nera immediately replied with a grin . “I mean, basically just training you to accept your place as slaves now”.


Mina just shook her head at this “Partially. There will also be accelerated professional training for the two of you as hardware and software maintenance specialists. That is why Master wants you two after all”


“Well, at least part of it will be fun then,” Kat said, trying to find the bright side to the statement.


“Training, how exactly?” Peter asked hesitantly.


“With teachers, obviously” Mina stated, then smiled “Most of the next few months will be professional. Don’t worry about the other stuff, Even though Nera would rather focus on it”


“If she wants to focus on it, she can have it.” Kat looked away almost immediately. “S-sorry for snapping.”


Nera just stuck her tongue out in response. “Lifestyle is really the main thing. While you’re in here, we’re going to be keeping you on a fairly strict schedule.”


“Good for Kat, then,” Peter said with a chuckle.


“And for you!”


“But, first on the schedule is fitness.” Mina seemed to politely ignore the gentle bickering, “Mind you, we’re only doing the gym every third day, but you’re free to use it more during the free time you earn by being good”


“I see,” Peter nodded, looking a bit thoughtful at that.


Nera cleared off the table, as Mina picked up a notebook, showing the current page to the twins. “Here’s the schedule Master worked out for you. Today, you have one full period of basic fitness training. One quarter period to wash, with the remaining three quarters for hardware training. Then lunch. We’ll go over the rest after lunch, okay?”


“Periods? What is this, school?” Kat asked with a gentle laugh.


Nera returned just in time to hear the school comment, and grin “Ooh, maybe we can get you some cute school uniforms, that would be hot!”


“More or less,“ Mina replied, shaking her head. “School is a great comparison, but periods here are also what we call the facility’s form of hours”


“They usually look better on the girls “ Peter said, looking around ”Of which outnumber me right now” he grinned.


“I think you’d look great in a skirt” Nera grinned at Peter, causing Mina to smirk some.


“She might be right. Anyway, come along you two. Basic fitness is waiting” Mina said standing fully.


Peter went bright red at that as Kat burst into giggles. Getting up, they both made to follow Mina as the group went through the hallways, and into a rather large gymnasium. Looking around the pair saw a rather generic setup, a single locker room to the left, and various fitness equipment in rooms off on the sides. The main room, being the largest,  had two basketball courts, with a track running around the edge. Looking up at the tall ceiling, thin foam panels can be made out covering it, with colourful, geometric patterns adorning them.


“So what sort of exercise do you two like?” Nera smiled.


“I have no idea.” Kat looked down at the floor.


“As you can probably guess,” Peter chimed in.


“Hey now! You’re not exactly breaking the twin-thing that way either you know,“ Kat quickly replied.


“Well, let’s all go get changed then,” Mina nodded listening, “These are work clothes after all.” She lead the others into the locker rooms.


Moving into the locker room, Mina smiled. She stepped aside as Kat entered the room, finding a rather generic looking locker room for the most part: the usual kind of benches, a row of lockers, and some cubby-holes with exercise clothing of all sizes in each. With a smile Kat wandered over to the shelves, and grabbed first some plain exercise clothing in her size, then tossed Peter some in his. Mina, and Nera both went and grabbed similar clothing from nearby.


“Put your clothes in a locker after getting changed,” Mina suggested, as she and Nera started to get changed. They didn’t seem concerned with being seen.


Peter stretched with a smile after he finished changing.


“Comfortable.” He grinned, then gently grabbed hold of Kat’s shoulders and turned her back around from where she had been facing the wall while she changed. “Nice.” After gathering their clothes together, Kat went to put her clothes in one of the lockers. As she closed it she looked for the key, only to notice the panel on the front now had her name written on it.


“Oh, wow…” Kat grinned at the technology. “How did it know?”


Mina smiled. “That is one of the things you will learn, for your positions. However, right now there is a trainer waiting for us. We can spot you when you work out, but she’s qualified to actually teach you how to set up an exercise regimen. And you will be setting one up. Master likes all of his slaves to be healthy and active.”


“O-Okay,“ Kat replied, a bit apprehensively.After getting changed Mina lead them through back out the locker room and through into a side room. Scattered around the room are workout mats, to the sides a few shelves of low weight hand weights, and in the middle a human woman sat, legs crossed, arms out as if meditating.


“Hello there,” Peter said softly to the brown haired woman.


“You’re late,” the woman replied. “I am Lisia, I am here to help you learn about fitness…” Lisia continued, eyes still closed. Lisia then started an obviously well practiced lecture about how important health is, and the like, before finally opening her eyes and looking at the two. “I see. I’ve seen worse slaves come in, though, so we’re going to start you off with stretches, walking, and some light calisthenics. You don’t need a lot of equipment to get in shape.”


“Okay, thank you,” Peter said slowly. For a while, Lisia helped both of them with stretches, walking posture, and pace. She also helped them both through some good exercises to start with. It felt like a very long time before Lisia looked up to the clock, nodded and dismissed them.


“Thank you, Lisia.” Kat smiled gently as Mina hugged Peter with a grin.


“You were great. Both of you, really.“ Mina said as she hugged.


Nera started to lead the group back to the locker room. “You’ll want to shower, won’t you?”


“Yes please, definitely.” Peter hugged Mina back.


Nera just started to undress quickly again, heading to a doorway at the side of the room “One locker room, one shower room. If you want a shower, we all take it together”. Peter just blushes to this, as Kat looked nervous.


“I, err…” Kat looked around. Mina immediately moved to her and put a hand on her shoulder.


“Master already told you he accepts you. And .. We may not be perfect, but we want to accept you too, Kat. We’re here for you.” Mina said softly to her, “But, if you really need it, we’ll shower first, then wait out here for you.


Kat hugged, her arms tightly holding to Mina. “Will try…”



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