Chapter 7 – Lessons

It seems a main part of our daily life for the months in London, was going to be lessons. Some, were about what you would expect for a life as a slave, others however, were a bit more mundane.

Mina smiled as they entered the showers “Thankyou for trying”


Peter held Kat’s hand gently as they head into the shower area, Kat pulling her hand away to undress, swiftly covering herself. From across the room Mina and Nera helped each other wash, occasionally soft moan or gasp came , usually followed by a variation of “Not now, Nera”, to which Kat couldn’t help but giggle gently.


Kat turned away to start to clean herself after that, facing the wall as much as she could. After a short time, which is never long enough for a shower, they started to get out, Kat making an immediate bee-line for the towels. Nera however stepped into a small stall by the entrance of the shower, and the sound of hot air blowing came billowing forth .


“Ooh, that will be much faster “ Peter smiled, as Kat peered in, before realizing with a blush and moving away again.


“Is that like the shower?” Kat smiled as Nera soon stepped out.


“These are great for drying off long hair, and fur “ Nera said, getting out of the way for the pair to look. The stall appeared to be sized for about one, but there are three others on the wall between the lockers and the showers.


Kat with a grin quickly stepped into one of the alcoves, and as she did, hot air flowed from above and below, and three of the four sides,  stretching with a slow turn to let it get all of her Kat took the time to look at it. Unlike the cheap fur dryers you often get in public pools, this one was one of the ones that actually moved the blowers to make sure all angles got dry, top of the range. As Kat noticed this, she wondered how much money did slavery of this sort actually bring into this facility?


Peter quickly moved into the one next to her as she got out of the dryer. Peter soon got himself dry, taking less time that Kat thanks to his shorter cut hair and fur.


“Alright, all set for your lessons? “ Mina asked as she looked over the twins.


“Yep” Kat nodded with a smile, as Peter nodded along side.


“Well, “ Nera said shrugging. “I have to do some work. I’ll meet you at lunch.” She kissed Mina’s cheek, and winked at Peter, continuing “You two behave for Mina.”


“Like we haven’t already been good, for two furs kidnapped into slavery?” Peter rolled his eyes, waving softly to Nera as she headed out the opposite door.


Mina laughed in response “Yes, you have been good so far. And since you’re both into computers, I’m sure you’ll behave in your lessons”. Kat grinned at that, as Mina lead to the next classroom, taking a lift down on the way.


The classroom was pretty basic, a few computers of various makes dotted here and there, a metal cupboard that was obviously stuffed with components of all the generic brand types, at the front of the room, a man with green hair waited.


“Hi! “ Kat happily  greeted him.


“Call me Freddie “ The man said as he looked over the two “I’ll be teaching you about electronic hardware and machine programming. My bro will be covering the software in a few weeks.”


“Love coding “ Kat grinned, as Peter just grinned hearing Kat and smiled.


“Nice to meet you!” Peter smiled to him.


“I’ll be right outside, I’m not here for lessons after all. Enjoy” Mina interjected before leaving.


“Oki!” Kat said to Mina as she left, Freddie nodding.


“Alright then. “ He looked to each of the twins “ Let’s start by establishing your base knowledge. Look these two computers over, and tell me what you can about the hardware, alright?”


The two peered over their respective computers, poking at wires to move out the way when needed. Pretty soon the two finished, Peter having a list of parts, carefully organized, with guessed models, as well as brands.

Kat had a list that looked more like the specs of the computer she looked at, with ram, and power, and capabilities.


After looking over the two , Freddie nodded, not looking displeased with the answers “I see how it is, I’m guessing you two are specialists on the opposite sides of computer science, right?”


“Yeah” Peter replied “Though we can do enough on each other’s side to not fail completely, I can code basic stuff, she can just about put a computer together from parts.”


“You then, are the cool one “ he said to Peter with a smile “Nah, just kidding, You’re an awesome team. For right now, we’re going to focus on hardware specs and features, though. After a week or so, we’ll do machine programming, both mechanical and assembly code.”


Kat huffed hearing Freddie, but smiles some “If I wanted, I could totally make a program to choose specs for me, I just don’t want to put my dear brother out of a job.” She proclaimed, causing Peter to stick his tongue out at her. “Okay”. She then replied after that.


“Once we finish machine programming, “  Freddie said, smiling “ my bro takes over your lessons as you get more into software.”


Over the remaining time, Freddie then starts to lecture about hardware in general, taking breaks every 10 minutes or so, to let the pair answer questions. The subject matter being a basic overview of a computer’s parts, and how they fit together. Regardless of her earlier joking, Kat was listening carefully, asking questions about parts, and even making notes. Peter listened, mostly to confirm nothing was different to what he already knew, and making notes when something did come up.


“Now then, everyone ready to get their hands dirty?” Freddie asked with a grin as he pulled open a cupboard at the side of the classroom to reveal a cupboard full of computer parts, from power supply’s, to hard disks, to even a printer or two. Pulling out a power supply, an old looking case, and  a hard disk, he placed it in front of them, before also bringing out a motherboard, and all the rest of the required pieces. “This hard drive has an old version of DOS on it, and the parts all are from that time period, so don’t worry if you break anything, it just means longer time with me” Freddie grinned. “Once you have finished it all, the lesson is done for the day, I will figure out what we need next for the next time”


The twins spent approximately 30 min on the PC, thoroughly engrossed, the pair able to forget about slavery, their whole new accommodations and friends, and just be their usual pair, slogging through a computer problem.  Kat had some issues with the motherboard wires, Peter was able to set her straight as usual.

After the machine boots up the pair grinned to each other, with a slight start as Freddie moves behind them “Good Job you two, Awesome pair indeed “ he grinned “Class is dismissed for now!”


“Thanks for the memorization trick “ Peter smiled as he got ready to leave the room.


“I never get those POST beep things right “ Katrina mumbled as she left.



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